Too many clicks to important webpages

How your format your content and how you setup your website and its structure, is not something that should be taken lightly. Navigational structure is very important, both for you users as well as for search engines. Did you know, that the more clicks it requires to reach a certain webpage, tells a lot about how important the webpage is? The more clicks it requires to reach the webpage, the less important it must be.

The logic is simple, as a webmaster, you’ll want to show your users the most important webpages first. The more the content is buried, the harder it is for both users and search engines to reach that page. The harder it is to reach, the less important it must be.

Search engines has taken this logic and implemented it in their algorithms. Search engines tries to understand the importance of each webpage on a website, a way to do this is to look at the amount of required mouse clicks on links, from the frontpage of the website, to the page in question.

You have to highlight your important webpages

Links to important pages, has to be in very visible positions, where users can always reach them. The most important pages are often put directly into the main navigational element (link navigation) or other very visible places

It should never require more than 3 clicks for a user, to reach a given webpage An important webpage should never be more than three clicks away from the frontpage. Generally speaking, it should be possible to reach all pages on a website, within a maximum of 5 clicks.

The basepoint is always a websites frontpage, when depth is measured. This is where most users land and it’s also the webpage on a website, that usually has the most linkjuice, as most natural links often tend to point to frontpages of websites.

Luckily, it’s easy to cope with this situation. Adding a link from a top category that’s linked to from the frontpage, will make that page be only 2 clicks away from the frontpage.

Let the link analyzer keep a track of webpages, that requires too many clicks to reach!

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  • A list of webpages that requires more than 3 clicks to reach! The list will be handed over in spreadsheet, for easy maneuvering.
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