Redirect-chains and loops

A redirect chain is as the name suggests, a chain of redirects. An issue a lot of websites suffers from. There are several caveats with redirect-chains and loops.

Loss of link value

If you know about Googles PageRank Formula, you will know that every page on a website, has an effect of 0.85 PageRank to realize the pages potential in the search engine result pages. The last 0.15 of the total value, is reserved for linking out to other webpages, both external as well as internal webpages. The last 0.15 or which can also be formatted as 15% is also the value, you will lose, when doing a 301 redirect.

For every redirect 15% of the link value is lost

The issues with chains are that these consist of more than one redirect.

So, you are losing more value than just the 15%.

Having one redirect chain with three redirects, means a total loss of 3×15% link value. That is a lot.

Redirect chains also impacts user experience due to the fact, that every redirect takes some time to load. So, having redirect chains also impairs user experience, which again impacts search engine visibility.

Correct redirect chains and loops

To stop valuable link value to disappear into thin air, you have to break the chains and loops and simply redirect to the final destination. For every chain you can break, you’ll gain an additional 15% extra page power.

Let the linking doctor keep an eye out for redirect chains and loops

You’ll receive an appendix containing all redirect chains and loops. All you have to do, is to look at the sheet and break the many redirects up into as few as possible.

The month after, you’ll receive another report which will let you know if you did well or not and if more chains or loop has emerged during the last 31 days.

What you’ll get from this service:

  • A monthly report with all redirect chains and loops.
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