In each The Linkanalyser report, you will get actionable recommendations as to how to develop the perfect linkprofile. You will get clear recommendations on how to get the most out of your inbound links.

Do you want a greater effect from your inbound links?


Get the maximum result out of your inbound links

It can be damaging for you link profile, if you work too hard on for instance anchor texts on inbound links or you could have too many foreign inbound links versus links from the country your website actually resides in. You’ll also get recommendations on your link velocity and link building pace. Too many links too fast can get you into more problems than it can fix. It might also be that you to many text links versus image- and script links.

With this service you’ll get

  • Clear and actionable recommendations on how fast to build links, which link types you should avoid and other recommendations that makes your link profile appear more natural.
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This is what you’ll get from this service:

The report is generated once a month, the first report will be delivered within 24 hours of ordering.



One time payment
  • Recommendations
  • List of new links
  • List of lost links
  • List of outbound error links
  • List of new competitor links
  • List of Internal error links
  • List of broken internal URLs with external backlinks
  • List of redirect-chains and loops
  • List of weak internal pages
  • List of webpages with too few internal links

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