Webpages with too few internal links

Few internal links, means few visitors to a webpage. The amount of internal links for a webpage, tells something about how important it is. The more important, the more links. The more internal links a webpage has, the better it ranks, as internal links and the amount of them, dictates how much of the linkvalue for the website as a whole, has to be passed on to that particular webpage.

Webpages with few internal links, has a bad chance of ranking well in the search engine result pages. Especially webpages with zero or only 1 internal link, should be corrected and more internal links should be pointed to that webpage.

Add more internal links to important webpages

Pages with zero internal links are called orphan-pages and orphan-pages has no chance of ranking in the search engine result pages. You’ll get a list of webpages that has very few to none internal links pointing to it. Is the webpages important, you should immediately start linking to them more, from other relevant webpages on your website.

Let the link analyzer keep a track of your webpages with too few internal links

As a webmaster, you know best, which pages are your most important ones. With this service, you’ll get vary of all the pages, there has too few links pointing to them.

Your task is simply to add more internal links from other relevant pages. You’ll get better rankings and more of your website inventory in Google Search.

With this service you’ll get

  • A list of webpages with only 1 and 0 internal links pointing to them. The list will be handed over in spreadsheet, for easy maneuvering.
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  • List of broken internal URLs with external backlinks
  • List of redirect-chains and loops
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  • List of webpages with too few internal links

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