Internal linking errors

Internal links are roadsigns for both users and search engine bots. You assign linkjuice to your internal pages, through your internal links. The more internal links a webpage has, the more of the total linkpower for the website as a whole, it recieves.

Do you have control over your internal links?

Take control of your internal links

With the Link Analyzer

Linking to dead pages is problematic, as your pouring valuable internal link juice into pages that cannot use it, instead of pointing them to internal pages that could use that link juice to rank better in search results.

Besides wasting valuable internal linkjuice you are also creating bad user experiences as your visitors will stumble upon broken links. Broken links is a sign of poor quality and could also hurt your website rankings, besides giving your users a bad experience. It is necessary to do regular checks for broken internal links, to make sure they are never present!

Remove your internal link errors

Googlebot follows all links on a webpage, also internal links and when they point to errorpages, Googlebot will find this error page. It’ll also revisit it over and over again, if you keep linking to it. The reasons for fixing internal link erorrs are many.

Get a list of internal links, that points to error pages on your website

You’ll receive a complete list of all internal error links. In the list, you will also find the address of the page, where you can find the broken link. You’ll also the receive the URL of the error page.

Your task is to correct the link or simply remove it.

With this service you’ll get

  • A complete overview of pages on your website with internal error links, that does not respond correctly, handed over in a spreadsheet for an easy workflow.
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  • List of broken internal URLs with external backlinks
  • List of redirect-chains and loops
  • List of weak internal pages
  • List of webpages with too few internal links

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