Competitor backlinks

It’s crucial to keep a track of your competitors link profile. You have to know how aggressively they work on their visibility to maintain focus and stay ahead. Getting a glimpse into the competitors backlinks can also give you inspiration as to where you yourself can obtain new backlinks.

Do you build links like your competitors?

See what your competition does and get inspired

It’s not viable to lose momentum in the search engine result pages or to lose a top position on a specific keyword because your competitors is working hard on that specific keyword and you are not. With the Link Analyzer, you’ll get an easy view into what your competitors is up to!

You should still be critical to what they do

You should still be critical to what you see. If your competitors are using black hat link building, you should of course not try to copy them. However, all of their good-looking links, is something you should dwell over. Can you maybe obtain the same link?

With this service you’ll get

  • A monthly list of your 3 biggest competitors new inbound links, sorted nicely in a spreadsheet. You pick your competitors yourselves, when ordering your Link Analyzer subscription.
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This is what you’ll get from this service:

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  • Recommendations
  • List of new links
  • List of lost links
  • List of outbound error links
  • List of new competitor links
  • List of Internal error links
  • List of broken internal URLs with external backlinks
  • List of redirect-chains and loops
  • List of weak internal pages
  • List of webpages with too few internal links

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