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1. Your link profile gets analyzed

Are you in doubt about your current link profile? Then “The Link Analyzer” is the service for you. Get assistance on developing and improving your link profile for an optimal outcome and better search engine rankings. A healthy link profile paves the way for better search engine rankings. We keep an eye out for both your external as well as your internal links and ensures you, that you get the maximum benefits out of these.

2. You’ll receive a detailed report

You’ll receive a report with clear and precise recommendations, besides this you’ll get lists of lost links, your competitors new links, lost links, redirects chains and loops and of course broken internal and external links.

The Link Analyzer offers all the exciting metrics that you know from the most expensive link analyses software. The difference is, that with the link analyzer, you also get recommendations and at the fraction of the price for a normal link analyses software.

3. Follow the recommendations and obtain better rankings

Follow the recommendations that you receive. By doing so, you get the full effect of your links and you wont miss out on important and valuable link juice.

What’s included in The Linkanalyser?

Don’t miss out on important backlinks that boost your website

and its positions in the organic search engine result pages.

New and lost links

Get a list of new links, that points to your website, so that you can you review them and ensure that the quality of the links is alright. You also get a list of lost links, so that you can easily reach out and reobtain what is lost!

Broken outbound links

Get a list of all outgoing links from your website, that links to webpages that are no longer accessible. Dead links is frowned upon by search engines it is a sign of poor quality and will hurt your search engine rankings.

Internal error-links

Get a list of all internal links on your homepage, that links to error pages, so that you can easily correct these or setup 301 redirects. It has never been easier to get an overview of your broken links and fix them!

Link Reclamation (Recover broken inbound links)

URLs that gives a 404-status code or other non-compatible status codes can have inbound links pointing to it. Your website does not leverage on these links if the pages that are being linked too does not correspond correctly and valuable link juice is lost. 

Analyzis of your link profile

Get recommendations based on your current link profile. Get advices on how to make your link profile looks more natural and cleaner and maximize the effect of your links and boost your search engine rankings.

Competitor links

Get a list of all new links pointing to your top 3 competitors webpages. The list contains all new links, from the last 31 days.  Don’t lose track of your competitors link building efforts again.

Redirect-chains and -loops

Chains of redirects makes a webpage slower and 15% of the link value for the current page is lost for every redirect in the chain. This can lead to substantial loss in link-power, which affects your search engine rankings negatively. 

The number of clicks required to reach a given webpage

The amount of clicks it requires to reach a certain webpage on your website, from the frontpage of the website, tells search engines and users how important you find your content. 

Webpages with too few internal links pointing to it

The amount of internal links pointing to a webpage, decides how much of the total linkvalue should be passed on to that page. Gain insights into which pages that have too few internal links and boost the pages by linking more to them.

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Get your report and appendixes

Don’t want to lose out on important linkjuice?

This is what you’ll get from this service:

Your report and appendixes will be delivered within 24 hours of ordering.



One time payment
  • Recommendations
  • List of new links
  • List of lost links
  • List of outbound error links
  • List of new competitor links
  • List of Internal error links
  • List of broken internal URLs with external backlinks
  • List of redirect-chains and loops
  • List of weak internal pages
  • List of webpages with too few internal links

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Maybe you are working with link building? It could also be that you have a supplier of link building. No matter what, it is important to ensure your links and the quality here off and to make sure you get the most out of them.

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SEO and especially link building can be a discipline few masters. A discipline that potentially could hurt your rankings if done wrong. If you don’t want to gamble with your link-results but want to optimize them, sign up for The Linkanalyser

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About Henrik Bondtofte – the guy behind The Linkanalyser

Created by danish SEO expert Henrik Bondtofte. Henrik Bondtofte has more than 15 years of experience within the SEO industry and has written a very popular and bestselling danish book about links and linkbuilding.

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